Nancy’s Story

After dealing with a lot of anxiety and stress from work, suffering from major joint discomfort and pain, along with some serious misgivings about joining a gym, Nancy made the decision to participate in our 6-Week Transformation Challenge in 2021. I’m sure you’ll enjoy her story on how she overcame her fear and became FEARLESS! Here’s her story:

“I had quite a few issues before I decided to start my fitness journey. I was overweight, my life was very sedentary, I was experiencing joint pain, and I had a lot of anxiety and stress from work. I needed to find a solution to my problems although I’ve had bad experiences with gyms and I was afraid to go back. I participated in an aerobics class in the past and I was horrified because the instructor embarrassed me in front of the whole class and told me very condescendingly that I ‘needed to learn the routines’ before I could come back. I never went back.

I was determined to get in shape so I googled “gyms near me” and I started comparing two different gyms: One of the gyms had a lot of running in their program so that was out because of my knees. Then I noticed Get Cut Fitness. I reviewed and compared their website, Facebook and Instagram and noticed they posted pictures, recipes and the Transformation Challenge. The 6-Week Transformation Challenge caught my attention, and it was an opportunity to tryout the program without a long-term commitment. The Challenge ended up being a great success for me.

I had a hard time with some of the exercises the first week, but I didn’t give up. The staff at the gym were caring, connected and committed. They offered alternatives for exercises I was unable to do which enabled me to get stronger over time. I was never made to feel embarrassed because of anything I couldn’t do. I came back the second week, and so on. The exercises became more fun because I was able to do things I couldn’t do when I started. I haven’t stopped since! Get Cut Fitness is the only place I can focus on ME and no one else.

I was so happy with my 6-Week Transformation that I decided to become a long-term member after the Challenge ended. I now have more energy, less stress, I’ve lost 30lbs of fat, increased muscle mass, and learned how to eat healthy. I have more flexibility, more confidence, drive and I’ve become FEARLESS. Most importantly, I have become consistent with working out and healthy eating. I love the staff and classes. Even though it is a group class, the trainers make it feel like a personal training session by ensuring the students have good form when doing the exercises. The trainers are encouraging and give positive feedback. The classes are challenging and no two are the same. This has been a LIFE CHANGING experience for me! Thank you Get Cut Fitness! – Nancy D.

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