Kathleen’s Story

“As I turned 60, I started feeling like time was catching up with me.
My energy level and stamina were at an all-time low and I couldn’t keep up with my 7 grandkids.
I was completely unfit.
I had almost no flexibility and had constant pain in my hips.
My blood pressure and blood sugar were super high.I also knew I needed to lose a lot of weight.
I had recently taken a mortality test, which graded you on how effectively you can get up off the floor.
I took it myself and failed which indicated I had a high morality rate.
I had a feeling if I did not make some major changes as I aged then ‘this was it’ and knew I needed to make taking care of myself one of my main priorities.
The only problem: I hated going to the gym and was unmotivated to stay with any exercise program.
In the past when I went to ‘big box’ gyms, everyone was younger and looked better than me and when I tried the aerobics classes they hurt my joints.

I tried to use the treadmill but never got results. Then my sister told me about Get Cut Fitness.
I made an appointment and met with John a few days later and starting my workouts right away.
I liked the group personal training sessions because I could work at my own level which was good because I really struggled doing even the basic exercises but I kept on going.
There was no pressure to keep up with the other members so I just focused on getting stronger.

I also kept track of everything I ate and within a few months I had dropped about 20 pounds. 

I seriously could not believe it. Now a couple of years later, I’ve lost almost 40 pounds and have been able to keep it off.
I love my workouts and hate to miss. I have more energy, and I’m able to physically do whatever I want. I can walk for hours, keep up with my grandkids without getting tired and get up off the floor with ease. I even got my husband to join the program.
I have never thought of quitting (another miracle) and I cannot believe how much younger and stronger I feel.” – Kathleen K.

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